The Tallest Building of the World: Burj Khalifa

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Currently, Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world. The accurate height of the building is 828 m. At start this skyscraper was well known as “Burj Dubai” (Dubai Tower) and opened by the king of dubai Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashed Al Maktoum, later it name was changed as “Burj Khalifa” in order to respect the UAE president Sheikh Khalifa Ibn Zayed Al-Nahyan. 
“Burj Dubai” was architected as a “city within a city” with their own shopping complex, parks, boulevards and etc. Total production cost is about 1.5 billion dollars. It was architected by an American architect Adrian Smith, who already has experiences in designing these kinds of structures. It contains more than 700 hotels and luxury apartments from floor 45 to 108.

Architects use special type of concrete, which can stand up to +50° C, to build “Burj Khalifa”

Construction of the tallest building was began in 2004 and advanced at a rate of 1-2 floors per week.  All the concrete works were finished after the construction of 160 floors.

The tower has fully self generate electricity for itself: it uses 61 meter turbine to rotate wind and as well as an array of solar panels, which are located in the wall of the tower, with the total surface area of 15,000 square meters. Further, the building was equipped with special protection from the sun and reflective glass panels, which will reduce the heat inside the building.

Till the opening of the building its height was kept as secret. According to the engineers, this was not just only an advertising trick, but also related to an economic factor, because they had to sell a huge amount of space of the building and most of them are housing area (557,500 square meters). This is why the tower has such a trim shape: to reduce the usable inside area.

The local people call this building as “Tower of Pride”. It was renamed as “Burj Khalifa” to honor the UAE President who gave a loan of 10 billion US dollars to Dubai.

The 123rd and 124th floors are lobby and observation area. The height of the observation area is 505 meters. Most of the observation areas are glassed. In addition, for visitors there are electronic telescope.

The balcony of the observation area has glass enclosure to protect against suicide bombers.

Photograph from the tallest building of the world at a height of 500 meters.

View of Dubai’s ports, Dubai Creek, Dubai Airport and Sharjah from the observation area.
 District Dubai Dayntum.

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