Wikileaks and Julian Assange –13 Facts

As a child, an Australian citizen Julian Assange was a good hacker, helped to write a book about the computer and in the early 90's charged by Australian authorities for an entry into the computer networks. Further, Assange is the author of encryption software and software for searching the internet – Surfraw. is one of the email addresses of Assange, created before he became world famous and still he use this email as his mail. 

Wikileaks, originally created in the meaning of "Wiki + Information leakage = Wikileaks", totally dedicated to the leakage documents. Anyone can send information to Wikileaks. When Assange launched Wikileaks at the world social forum in Brazil, he said that the Wikileaks contain more than one million secret documents from all over the world. 

Assange said "Larry Sanger, one of the founders of the Wikipedia, is an enemy of the American People". 

Several influenced politicians urged Republicans to exterminate Julian Assange, as a terrorist. Sarah Palin called him "an enemy agent who has innocent victims blood on his hand". 

School of Diplomacy of Colombia University first sent a waning to their candidates saying "citations and links to Wikileaks material could threaten their career in the U.S State agencies". However, in the next day, University officials cancelled their message because of the importance of the freedom o speech and Wikileaks. 

From December 1, 2010 Julian Assange in on the international wanted list through Interpol to report on Sweden in charge of rape. 

Assange is the originator of "Paradise for freedom of speech" – a special system of laws to be adopted in Iceland. It will allow the media to register office in Iceland. 

In the start of 2010, Wikileaks published most detailed description of the war stories – more than 400 000 pages of records from Iraq war.

Currently, Amazon, Visa, Paypal and Swiss post Bank refuse to give service to Wikileaks. 

Facebook made a statement says "With 1000000 members, there is nothing seems illegal in Wikileaks' Facebook page."

At the moment, volunteers have created more than 500 mirrors for Wikileaks. Their list can be found here:

The legendary John Perry Barlow, co-founder, said that "the first serious information war is going on now; the battleground is Wikileaks, and you – the soldiers in it."

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